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The idea was the first open innovation platform that included not only innovation and problem-solving processes in business but also scientific and socio-political issues. The range of topics was large and varied:


  •     "What does the city of the future look like?"
  •     "What do I do with a square glass tube?"
  •     "Who will care for us in old age?"


The idea seekers in the innovation power plant actively used the knowledge of the outside world to solve specific questions. The best thinkers, on the other hand, had the opportunity to benefit from the implementation of their ideas through bonuses and the recognition of their performance by the community.

The initiators


Germany - Land of Ideas is the joint site initiative of the Federal Government and German industry under the auspices of the Federation of German Industries (BDI). Since 2005, the initiative has made visible to all those who live in Germany innovation, ingenuity and ingenuity and thus conveys a positive image of Germany at home and abroad.


Discover, invent, innovate - in short: innovation. This is the topic that drives inno-focus business consulting for almost 15 years. As a specialist in innovation processes, the company focuses on their application in business and development. The goal is to make a lasting contribution to the establishment of Germany as a leading innovation location.


Advisory Council of the Innovation Power Plant:

The development of the platform involved the innovation managers of well-known companies and research institutes such as TU Munich, Schott, Bombardier, Henkel, Otto Group, Deutsche Post, Evonik, Boehmert and Boehmert, SGL Carbon and Bayer Material Sciences.